After working weekends as a kid at the local Harlow skate shop "The Shack" from 1990-1994 i decided to open my own shop "Bigworms"  as a 19 year old in 1997. No internet/Instagram/facebook just pure face to face skate shop chilling. VHS playing and Magazine reading was how the skate world kept in contact aswell as the epic Radlands and St Albans comps. In one form or another ive been selling skate products ever since, for a number of years concentrating on discounted skate shoes online. Today times have changed and its refreshing to be mainly dealing in hardware again to local skaters with a small mix of online. Although i might not have a warehouse of stock im just happy local skaters can get a board as soon as they need one and thats all thats counts..  Hem 2021 


First Bigworms shop in the wooden shack Post Office Walk. 97 - 2003

Second Bigworms Shop in the Harlow Harvey Centre. 2003 - 2008